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  • How long will it take to fix my car?
    • One of the first and most common questions we get asked is "How long will it take to fix my car". The answer can vary quite a bit, even for a smash repair job that is similar to another.

      On average, most smash repairs in Melbourne can be completed within 7-10 working days. But there are always exceptions. A hail damaged car with extensive damage to the roof, bonnet, and side panels will take 2 - 3 weeks. Repairs such as replacing a bumper bar or minor dints and scratches can be completed within a day!

      Repairs can have unforeseen delays if parts are unavailable or need to be imported from another country. But this is an incredibly rare occurrence as the dealerships we source our parts from usually stock all the required spare parts.

      We understand the huge inconvenience of being without your car so we always do our best to deliver a perfect job in the shortest time possible.

      We wish you a speedy smash repair!

  • Do you provide replacement vehicles after an accident?
    • Yes! We have accident replacement vehicles.

      We have a fleet of late model accident replacement vehicles from a twin cab ute set up for trades-people to our luxury vehicle range and everything in between. It's as easy as dropping off your vehicle and swapping it with the replacement car and when it's time to collect your car just swap it back. There really is no easier way to have you back on the road with no fuss, no hassle automotive smash repairs.

  • How do you repair hail damaged cars?
    • For those who witnessed the recent hailstorms in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, you will have seen the devastating carnage unfold and the aftermath of damaged vehicles. We hope you personally weren't impacted by the hail storms, but if you were, here are some facts you may find useful prior to repairing your vehicle.

      Even though hail damage is mostly cosmetic in nature, it can be quite a lengthy smash repair process as multiple panels usually need to be fixed. There are three methods that are used to repair hail damaged cars:

      1. Conventional repairs

      This is where the panels are completely replaced or repaired using traditional methods. This is the preferred method where the hail damage is large and widespread across the car.

      2. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

      This can be done using either a glue system that pulls the dents out or levers that push the dents out. This is the fastest way to repair a hail damaged vehicle as it bypasses the painting process, but PDR is only effective if the dents are small and shallow.

      3. Push to Paint (P2P)

      This is the same process as PDR but painting is required if the dent is too big and sharp.

      Every hail damaged car is different and the method used to fix it will vary depending on the severity. All three methods can even be used on the same vehicle. A smash repairer should always use the method(s) that will result in the highest quality repair.

      We hope this has given you some better insight into repairing hail damaged cars and what to expect at any smash repairs in Melbourne.

  • How to choose an accident repairer
    • If you have had a car accident, you'll be in the hunt for an accident repairer in Melbourne, but the choices are endless. We'll give you some handy tips on what to look for when choosing your car repairer.

      Having a road accident can be stressful. The last thing you need is pressure by your insurance company or smash repairers alike. It is your car! I think the industry has lost sight of the human element involved in car accidents. So I suggest to take your car where you feel comfortable. There are good panel shops out there, you just have to find them.

      Look for a smash repairer which has a good reputation and has been in business many years. Also look for someone who listens to your concerns. Make sure they take an interest in your vehicle and explain the repair process from beginning to end. Don't just settle for who the insurance company recommends. Shop around until you are happy and confident your vehicle will be repaired to your satisfaction.

      If you are in Melbourne, we are happy to lodge a claim with your insurance company. Even if you have had a car accident where you are not at fault, we can chase up the other parties insurance for you. Feel free to contact us online or call us on (03) 9467 1762 if you need any advice on making a claim.